Christmas Magic and Bubbles with a Limited Edition Spirit Gold Soda Stream *WIN*

Who wants to *WIN* a limited edition Spirit Gold Soda Stream in time for Christmas?

Limited Edition Soda Stream Spirit Gold

With Christmas fast approaching what better way to celebrate than with a give away?

Here at Christmas Magic headquarters we’ve had a Soda Stream for longer than we care to remember (we are all very old, obviously). We love the fact that we have fizzy water on tap, or rather at the touch of a button, and we want to share that with you, our dear (or should that be deer) followers!

Why do we love our Soda Stream?

We are very busy keeping Father Christmas on track, he is a bit forgetful these days, so we are in charge of his diary. Think of us as his Personal Elfsistants (see what I did there?). All this running around, making sure Santa is where he is supposed to be, looking after, feeding and cleaning the reindeer, not to mention wrapping presents is thirsty work. We like nothing better than to relax with a fizzy drink!

What we don’t like is plastic waste. OH NO! We have been around long enough to know that all this waste is not good for our planet so anything that means we can still enjoy our fizzy drinks without adding to plastic waste is a bonus. Did you know, here in the North Pole we can even get the gas canisters replaced. It is that easy!

The lovely people at Soda Stream have given us this extra special limited edition fancy pants Spirit Gold to give to one of you. I think you’ll agree it looks very festive with the gold trim. I quite fancy one myself actually!

In order to be in with a chance of winning a limited edition Spirit Gold Soda Stream head over to our Facebook page Christmas Magic to THIS POST and follow the instructions.

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