Best Christmas Markets in Scotland 

Scotland turns magical during the holiday season. Celebrations usually start with  St. Andrew’s Day on the 30th of November and last until Christmas eve or early January. Among the most awaited events during the season are the Christmas markets in Edinburgh, although you’ll also find these markets in Inverness and Glasgow.


Here are some of the best Christmas markets in Scotland.

  • Edinburgh Christmas Market 


Most people will head straight to Edinburgh for the Edinburgh Christmas Market when celebrating Christmas in Scotland. The market is very popular in the country, and the entire region as thousands of visitors worldwide would come to visit the festive event. As one of the highlights of Scotland’s Christmas celebration, the market is set up in the city centre of Edinburgh.


Here, you will find everything you can expect in a traditional Christmas market, including entertainment facilities like an ice-skating rink and fairground rides. Enjoy delicious food and drink and check out the display of traditional arts and crafts. The market will stretch out to various locations all over the city, including the West Princes Street Gardens and Charlotte Square. 


Aside from visiting festive markets, you’ll find many other interesting things to do when celebrating Christmas in Edinburgh. You can go ice skating, indulge in an afternoon tea, admire the wonderful decorations all over the city, and attend the Nativity carol concert.Chester Christmas Market


  • Glasgow St Enoch Square Christmas Market 


In Glasgow, the city comes alive with the opening of various Christmas markets, the most popular of which is the St Enoch Square Christmas Market. Considered the most beautifully dressed Christmas village, the market has more than fifty seasonal chalets offering a wide selection of festive delights, from gastronomic treats to arts and crafts. Take advantage of the free entry and keep your eyes peeled on the bratwursts, crepes, mulled wine, and hog roast.


St. Enoch Square is a bustling public square in the heart of Glasgow that offers a wide variety of shopping and dining options. Various events are held in the square each year, but the Glasgow Christmas Market takes centre stage, thanks to its wide offerings of food and drinks, including mulled wine and continental beers.

  • Inverness Eden Christmas Fair 


Inverness is another Scottish city famous for its Christmas market. It’s a wonderful place to visit if you’re looking for stocking fillers and a wide variety of gift-worthy products to give your loved ones on Christmas. From hand-crafted goods to delicious goodies like cakes, cheeses, chocolates, and patisseries – you will find all these and more at the Inverness Eden Christmas Fair


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